What Is Learner Driver Insurance

Learner Driver

If you have just passed your driver’s test you may be itching to drive but not yet in the position to buy your own car, however learner drivers still need car insurance.

Learner driver insurance is a specific type of insurance that allows Learner insurance specifically covers the vehicle the learner driver is using while they are learning to drive. This insurance is a short-term top up insurance policy that legally covers the learner driver and any damage to the car they are driving. Once a learner driver’s successfully passed their exam, the insurance policy will revert to a standard insurance policy.

Young drivers do have to pay higher insurance premiums as they have a higher risk profile and are more likely to be involved in accidents. However, once a learner driver has successfully obtained their official drivers licence, GoSkippy offers discounted rates that can’t compare.

There are various types of insurance rates available, so read the fine print and compare quotes. Find the right insurance broker and pass your test by getting all the additional practice time you need and have peace of mind that no matter what happens you and the car will be covered by learner driver insurance.

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