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e.g. Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG

Download the app from the Google Play store. Just click the link below on your mobile or on your desktop computer.


Open the link below on your computer – you’ll need to plug your phone in and connect to iTunes.

skippy ringtone skippy iphone ringtone


Downloading the ringtone for your iPhone is simple, but because of the way iPhones work, you’ll have to do a couple of steps first…

  • Open this page on the computer that your iPhone is synced with
  • Right-click on the following link, and choose “Save As” or “Save Target As”: Download, then save the file to your desktop. Once downloaded, double-click on it and iTunes will open
  • Plug in your iPhone – usually your phone will automatically sync
  • Wait for your phone to automatically sync, if it didn’t, you’ll need to select your iPhone in iTunes:
  •  iphone_screenshot_0

  • Click “Tones” along the top and tick “Sync Tones” and “All Tones”
  • Sync your iPhone again using the new settings, and the ringtone will be imported onto your phone
  • Press “Settings” on your iPhone and then press “Sounds” and you’ll see your ringtone settings

iPhone Ringtone(Right-click, and choose “Save As” or “Save Target As”)


  • Download the free app from the Google Play Store

Android Ringtone