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Comprehensive insurance is the most complete and all-inclusive insurance package offered by GoSkippy. Comprehensive insurance is available for both your home and your vehicle, giving you complete peace of mind knowing that your valuables are covered by the best insurance that money can buy. Contact us for a free quote. Our comprehensive insurance will provide cover against the following:

Environmental Damage: We reimburse you for any costs involved in the replacement of parts or repairs of your vehicle. Environmental damages include fire, flood or hail damage.

Damages Arising from Theft or Attempted Theft: We also cover any costs resulting from the attempted theft of your vehicle, such as broken windows or locks, as well the cost of a new vehicle should yours be stolen.

Accident Cover: Our comprehensive insurance provides cover for road accidents, as well as emergency roadside assistance.

Third-Party Cover: You will also be covered for any liability toward a third-party for damages and injury sustained in an accident where the policy is held to be at fault.