Holiday Security Checklist


There is nothing as nice as going away on holiday. But going away does leave your home vulnerable to thieves. Home contents insurance is designed to cover you against theft or damage to your furniture and possessions. More times than not, break-ins and burglaries happen when people are away, and the last thing you want […]

Flood And Storm Advice


Water can cause untold damage to a homes structure. Storms or floods can cause leaking ceilings and damage the roof, which is can be very expensive to repair. Water can damage both the building structure as well as your belongings.   To prevent damage, always keep your garden and gutters free of debris and check […]

Preparing For Winter


Ice, snow and the spring melt can have devastating consequences on your home. But there are ways to prepare your home for winter to avoid damage to the building structure. By taking precautionary measures, you will save money and you won’t need to claim on your home insurance policy.   During Autumn you should consider […]

£100,000 Family Legal Protection


Family legal protection is designed to provide expert legal help and assistance and protect you and your family against common legal issues. This type of insurance cover provides for a range of legal issues, and the policy usually covers you and family members living at the same address.         Some of the […]

£500 Appliance Breakdown


Electronic goods can be incredibly expensive to repair or to replace if they breakdown. Could you imagine the cost and inconvenience of a broken washing machine or freezer? We rely a lot on modern appliances and when things go wrong, it affects our lives badly.   If you have bought a new appliance, it is […]