Learner driver laws – are you doing it right?

Are you getting it right?

So just what are the laws that concern you as a learner driver and how do you know if you’re following the rules? Here’s our Learner Driver check list:1) You MUST have a provisional license before you start learning to drive in GB and NI, you can’t start to learn without it.
2) Make sure you are supervised at all times in a car by an ADI qualified/trainee driving instructor or by a friend/family member who meets certain criteria (over 21, qualified in vehicle type and driving for 3 years). To check your driving instructor is up to spec, ask to see their badge. It will be green DVSA badge if they’re a qualified driving instructor or a pink badge if they’re still a trainee.

Budget 2016 – rises in insurance premium tax spell disaster for over 55s


Younger drivers can benefit from lower raises as telematics and intelligent driving black boxes help to reward those in the under 25 age bracket who can prove they drive safely. The rise for this age group is 9.3% as of February, much lower than that of their older peers.
So what can we all expect from the 2016 budget and our insurance renewals, considering that the average increase across the board was 13%?

Holiday Security Checklist


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Flood And Storm Advice


Water can cause untold damage to a homes structure. Storms or floods can cause leaking ceilings and damage the roof, which is can be very expensive to repair. Water can damage both the building structure as well as your belongings.   To prevent damage, always keep your garden and gutters free of debris and check […]

Preparing For Winter


Ice, snow and the spring melt can have devastating consequences on your home. But there are ways to prepare your home for winter to avoid damage to the building structure. By taking precautionary measures, you will save money and you won’t need to claim on your home insurance policy.   During Autumn you should consider […]