For whatever reason, you can cancel your relationship within the time period stipulated in GoSkippy’s Terms Of Business. Read GoSkippy’s Terms Of Business or download them. If you have experienced unsatisfactory service, we would welcome your feedback, and the opportunity to assist you.

(1) Where Cancellation Rights Exist

If you are a consumer buying or renewing a policy which provides cover for you in a private capacity, you have the right to cancel your insurance policy, as well as the Legal Expenses, Breakdown Cover, Windscreen and Personal Accident Cover without providing a reason, during a 14 day period either from the day of purchase of the contract, or the day on which you receive your policy documentation; whichever is the latter. If you exercise this right and the cover has not yet commenced, you will be entitled to a full refund on the premium paid.

If the insurance has commenced, and provided that you have not made a claim, or had a claim made against you, you will be entitled to a refund of the premium paid, subject to a deduction for the time that you have been on cover (calculated as a proportion of the annual premium), along with a £75 deduction for our costs attributed to concluding your policy, administering your contract up until the effective cancellation date and processing the cancellation.

To exercise your right to cancel a policy, please return your Certificate of Motor Insurance along with a signed letter of request for cancellation.
All policy add-on products that you may have purchased will also be cancelled should your main motor policy be cancelled. The premium for these covers are non-refundable. You will also be required to return your Certificate of Motor Insurance immediately.

(2) When Cancellation Rights Do Not Exist

Standard insurance policies are arranged for a period of 12 months, and you are required to pay the full amount stated. If the policy is cancelled before the expiry date, other than in accordance with (i) above on receipt of your Certificate of Motor Insurance, you will be refunded on a pro-rata basis for the period of cover still remaining, subject to you not having made a claim, or a claim having been made against you during the period of cover, less a £75 cancellation fee. We do not refund any initial charges as this was charged for arranging the policy and where the insurer’s premium has been discounted by GoSkippy Car Insurance, you will be advised of this in the cover confirmation letter. If the policy is subsequently cancelled before its normal expiry date, GoSkippy Car Insurance retains the right to deduct the value of the discount from any monies returned to you by the insurer. The cost of add-on products that you purchase will be non-refundable (other than in accordance with (i)).

If there are any unpaid monies when the policy is cancelled, we may withhold documents such as No Claims Discount, until full payment is made. If you paid the premium by instalments, the credit charges made by the premium finance provider will not be refunded. We will not be able to process any possible refunds due on cancellation until we receive your Certificate of Motor Insurance.

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