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General FAQ

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How can I contact you?
Please go to our contact us page for more details or call 0344 840 6300.
Accessibility or Practical Needs?

Many of our customers have varying needs or a disability that may affect how they purchase insurance, access or view their documents.
If you have any accessibility or practical needs, please let us know and we will help where we can.

What is a Ghost Broker?

Ghost brokers are estimated to cost the insurance industry tens of millions of pounds each year and leave their victims, who are often the most vulnerable types of people, such as students or those that do not speak English as a first language, out of pocket and without insurance cover. Ghost Brokers often target their victims over social media, and policies bought through a ghost broker are often actually taken up with an insurer so the vehicle is showing on MID, however the policy details will have been altered to ensure that the Ghost Broker only has to pay the insurer the lowest premium possible, and gets to pocket the difference. For example, the Ghost Broker might charge their victim £1000 for the insurance, yet because they alter the details they only have to pay the insurer £250. The policies are also often paid using stolen bank credit or debit card details, leaving another victim in the lurch. More often than not the policies set up by Ghost Brokers are identified by insurers and cancelled or voided, leaving the policyholder at risk of being stopped for no insurance, and liable for claims.

Please follow these tips to prevent yourself from becoming the victim of a ghost broker:

Only buy insurance through official sources – if you’re not sure whether the person is legitimate then do your research. Google the company and check it’s registered with the FCA.

Be suspicious of adverts that look “too good to be true”, they normally are! If the price is really cheap and other insurers have quoted you a far higher price, then it may be because it’s not a genuine policy.
You can check your vehicle is insured on

If you suspect you have been the victim of a Ghost Broker then it’s best to check with the company whose name is on the certificate and advise them of your situation. You should also get in touch with the police, using the CrimeStoppers number on free phone 0800 555111, and pass on any details you have about the Ghost Broker.

Why is it important to keep your policy information up to date?
It’s important to let your insurer know of any changes to your policy, for example of you get a new car, move house or change jobs. The reason you should let your insurer know of any changes is to ensure that you are paying a premium that is based on correct details. If you do not update your information you may have problems at claim stage, for example you may be paid less for a claim to make up for the fact you were not paying the correct premium.
Certificates of insurance
Certificates of insurance show what vehicle is covered, who is insured to drive the vehicle and under what terms. Certificates cannot be issued once a policy is canceled. They are also not valid after changes have been made to a policy, therefore a new one will need to be issued. Certificates must also be returned to the insurer if a policy has canceled.
Licence Length – why one month can make all the difference
Most websites will allow you to enter the exact date you got your licence, so it’s always best to do that. However some sites will only ask for the amount of years you’ve held your licence. If you have held your licence for 3 years 10 months, you’ll need to put this down as 3 years, even though it’s closer to 4. This is because you haven’t held your licence for 4 full years and only full years count.
Insurance – why are some premiums higher than others?
You might have noticed on comparison websites that your details give different prices depending on the insurance company. This is because all insurers have different prices for things such as areas, vehicles, age etc. For example, if you live in a big city, your insurance will more likely be more expensive than if you live in the country because of the risks involved – the increased possibility of theft and busier roads meaning there is more potential for accidents and so on. The value of your vehicle can also affect your premium, although a high vehicle value does not necessarily mean high premiums.
Why is it so important to put the correct address on your policy?
Firstly, we need your current address so that we can send documents to you, such as your certificate or any correspondence. It’s also important that the address listed on your policy is the one that your vehicle is kept at most of the time. Insurers are able to request proof of address from their policyholders to make sure that the address on file is the correct one so that they have the appropriate premium for the policy.
Why is it also important to disclose your occupation correctly?
As with your address, it’s also important to disclose your occupation correctly. If you are dishonest about your job, for example you say you’re a policeman but you’re actually a footballer, then you may risk your claim being rejected or your policy being cancelled. Insurers are able to request proof of occupation if they suspect you may not have disclosed this correctly, if this proof is not received your policy will be cancelled.
What to do if you’ve had a previous policy void or cancelled?
It’s always better to be honest at the start than to be caught out later, so if you have had a previous policy cancelled or void it’s important to disclose this to your insurer before you incept the policy. The best thing to do would be to call the insurer to discuss your options because if this is found out at a later date it could mean that your new policy is also void or cancelled due to the non–disclosure.
What law is the policy governed by?
As a UK based insurance company, all policy documents are governed the laws of England and Wales and subject to the English Courts.
What is the difference between a compulsory and a voluntary excess and how do I know what my excess is?

The excess is the amount you must pay in towards a claim and is split between the compulsory excess, which is determined by the class of vehicle and the voluntary excess which is linked to your policy.
The voluntary excess will be determined by yourself when taking out the policy.

What is the MID?
The MID is the only centralised database of motor insurance policy information for all insured vehicles. If you’re not on MID it doesn’t mean you’re not insured please get in touch with your insurer
If my MOT has expired, will I be covered when driving to the MOT centre?
We will provide cover to drive to a MOT test centre if the insured car does not have a valid MOT certificate, or to drive from the MOT test centre to an authorised repairer, providing that the MOT/repairs were pre–booked.
I can’t find my vehicle on the MID, does mean I’m not insured?
It normally takes about 3 days to add data onto the Motor Insurers’ Database (MID) and in some cases a little longer.
Do you take part in The Financial Services Compensation Scheme?
If we are unable to meet our liability under this policy, you may be entitled to compensation from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).
Will GoSkippy match a competitors price?
Our best price is always displayed online and we do not price match.
Can you fax or send my cover note to the dealer?
Yes, simply contact us with the details of the salesperson and the dealer’s address and we will send the cover note.
Can I drive another car and still enjoy third party only cover?
If you have Driving Other Cars cover this will be clearly stated on your certificate of insurance.
What do I do if my car is unlisted?
We will only provide cover for vehicles officially imported into the UK that are coded by the Association of British Insurers. You will need to contact us urgently with all your vehicle details.
What insurance products do you offer?
GoSkippy offers a variety of short term insurance products for cars, motorbikes and vans providing the maximum amount of cover and peace of mind.
When will I receive my policy documents?
Given you have provided the correct email address, we try to send your documents within 48 hours.
What does a garage endorsement mean?
A garage endorsement is a clause which the specified coverage of your insurance policy may be altered.

Claims FAQ

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What should I do in the event of an accident?
  1. Call us as soon as possible
  2. Remain calm.
  3. Don’t accept liability.
  4. Exchange details with the other party (including names phone numbers and address, make model and registration number of the vehicle and details of their insurance company.)
  5. Take down details of any witnesses or police officers that attended the scene
  6. Take photos if you can
  7. Send us any documentation you receive to do with the accident
Will I have to pay a policy excess?

A policy excess is the amount you are required to pay if you are claiming for the damage to your vehicle (subject to policy cover) the amount you have to pay is detailed in your policy schedule. The excess is payable to the repairer upon completion of repairs if your vehicle is repairable or deducted from your total loss settlement if your vehicle is written off.
If you are not claiming on your policy for the damage to your vehicle but we are dealing with a claim from another driver you do not need to pay an excess.

I have had a few months of cover with my current insurer; can you add those months of cover to build up my no claims discount?
No. Only a complete year will count towards no claims discount.
I don’t intend to claim on my policy, do I still need to report a claim?
Yes you do, regardless whether you intend to claim we need to be notified of any accident or loss.
Why is it important to give us the right claims information?

Any claims that were made on a previous policy of yours need to be disclosed, even if the claim was made by a named driver who is not on your new policy. It also works the other way, so if you had an accident when you were a named driver on someone else’s policy you would also need to disclose this on your new policy. Insurers have access to online databases that have information on all UK claims, when a new insurance policy is take up every driver’s details are checked against this database so if the claims information given to the insurer is incorrect this will be picked up and you could be charged an additional premium or it could lead to your policy being cancelled or voided. 

Am I entitled to a courtesy car in the event of a valid claim?
If the vehicle is repairable and our approved repairer is utilised, every effort will be made to supply you with a courtesy car, subject to the conditions of the policy.
Emergency treatment cover and medical costs
We will reimburse any person, using any car, which is covered under the policy for payments made under the Road Traffic Acts for emergency treatment.
What is an approved repairer?
A motor vehicle repairer approved by GoSkippy and authorised to repair your car following the claim under your policy.
What is windscreen cover?
A motor vehicle repairer approved by GoSkippy and authorised to repair your car following the claim under your policy.
What is legal expenses cover?
Legal expenses insurance allows you to recover your uninsured losses if you are involved in an accident that is not your fault.
Do I need to list windscreen or glass claims?
Claims for damage to windscreen or glass need not be disclosed.

Policy Information FAQ

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Will GoSkippy insure a modified car?
We have a modifications list to select from when doing a quote. A modification is anything that has been added to your car that is nonstandard and does not come included when it leaves the factory – this could be for example tinted windows, alloy wheels, spoilers etc. You should let your insurer know if you think your vehicle has any modifications, if you are not sure it’s best to call them to discuss.
Can I get instant insurance cover?
Yes, you can ensure that you specify today’s date and the time you require the cover to begin.
How do I make changes to my policy?

If you wish to make any change to your policy, please contact our customer service team.

How do I amend the date of birth for a driver?

The date of birth of a policyholder is an important rating factor. If this is incorrect, please inform our customer service team urgently for assistance.

How can I change the start date and time of my policy?
Once you have taken out a policy, it will not be possible to change the start date and time.
How do I increase the level of cover?
You will not be able to increase the level of cover partway through the policy, unless you are also changing your car.
What is a mid–term adjustment?
A mid-term adjustment is a change made to a policy after it has started.
What is a disclosable medical condition?
There are medical conditions or disabilities that may affect their driving ability.
Are there any mileage restrictions on your policy?
There are no mileage limitations on our polices.
Do you do one day/temporary cover?

Unfortunately, we do not currently provide one day/temporary cover.

What levels of cover are there?
  1. Comprehensive cover
  2. Third Party Fire and Theft cover
  3. Third Party Only cover
Where can I view your privacy policy?
GoSkippy is committed to respecting your privacy, keeping your personal information confidential and providing a secure website.
What is the duty of disclosure?
You are obligated to supply us with accurate information relating to any motoring convictions as well as medical conditions.
Where can I see your terms of business?
GoSkippy is an authorised insurance provider and our terms of business address how we conduct our business affairs.
Why can’t I make changes to my policy if it is not yet live?
If there is a delay between when you purchased the policy and the start date, the policy is “frozen” during this time and changes cannot be made before the policy becomes active.
What are classes of use?
There are three main classes of use. Social, domestic and pleasure and commuting for private use and business class (1) and (2).
How do I protect my no claims discount?
No claims discount protection can be added if you have a minimum of 4 years no claims discount (NCD).
If I’ve been named on another policy, am I entitled to any no claims discount?

No. The no claims discount would be in the name of the policyholder rather than a named driver.

What is an excess?
This is an amount you must contribute towards the cost of a claim.
I have been driving a company car for the last 5 years. Will you allow me any no claim discount?

Yes – subject to a letter of proof from your employer stating the period of time that you have been driving accident free on their policy.

How can I contact you?

Please go to our contact us page for more details or call 0344 840 6300.

What law is the policy governed by?
As a UK based insurance company, all policy documents are governed the laws of England and Wales and subject to the English Courts.
What does a garage endorsement mean?
If your car is parked in a lockable garage as stipulated as such in your policy, you are eligible for a garage endorsement.
I live on a houseboat. Will you cover me?

If you live on a house boat, this needs to have been your permanent address for the last 3 years.

Do you insure three–wheelers?

GoSkippy does not cover three–wheeled vehicles.

I live in a mobile home. Will you cover me?

We will not insure people living in mobile or park homes unless the owner has been permanently living there for at least 3 years with the same postcode.

I live in a caravan. Will you cover me?

We will not insure people living in mobile or park homes unless the owner has been permanently living there for at least 3 years with the same postcode.

Do I have to tell you about my conviction(s)?

You must advise us of any convictions when taking out or renewing a policy.

What vehicle types are not accepted?

GoSkippy currently does not insure heavy industrial vehicles. We offer insurance for light commercial vans, private cars and bikes.

Will you cover me for taking a car on a test drive to the MOT centre or for a single day?

Unfortunately we cannot cover you for taking a car on a test drive and do not offer one day insurance.

My documents have a security endorsement, what does this mean?

The security endorsement is triggered when you state on your policy details that your car is fitted with a factory fitted alarm/immobilisers.

How do I add on a motoring conviction?

You must advise us of any convictions when taking out or renewing a policy. Please contact our customer services team to arrange.

How do I add on my speeding fine?

All categories of driving convictions can affect your premium. You are under obligation to alert your insurance company if you receive any points or convictions on your licence. Please contact our customer services team to arrange.

How do I notify you about my SP30?

A SP30 is a driving conviction for exceeding the speed limit on a public road or motor way.

What are policy and administration charges?

Policy and administration fees are separate from the charge for your cover, and cover the costs for making any changes to the policy.

Do you insure hire vehicles?

We will only accept long–term hire agreements of one year or more.

My job sometimes involves carrying clients, students, charges etc; does my insurance cover this?

No, we do not insure the carrying of passengers for hire, reward or employment–related purposes.

How long after not having insurance is my no claims discount valid?

We will accept no claims discount as valid for 2 years after the expiry or cancellation of your last policy.

How many motoring convictions do you accept?

This is dependent on the type of conviction.

Is my trailer or caravan covered?
Your car will remain insured whilst towing either a trailer or caravan.
What is a Q plated vehicle?
Kit cars usually have a Q plate.
What does Third Party Only cover?
Third Party Only cover – your legal liability to third parties is covered (including damage to their vehicle or compensation for injuries sustained, if the accident was your fault). There is no cover for damage to your car from any cause whatsoever.
What does Third Party, Fire and Theft cover?
Your legal liability to third parties is covered (including damage to their vehicle or compensation for injuries sustained, if the accident was your fault). The cover also extends to fire damage to your car, or damage arising out of the theft or attempted theft of your car.
What does Comprehensive cover?

Comprehensive cover insures against any accident that you may have, whether your fault or not. This includes damage caused to your car when it is unattended, such as a vandalism incident or a hit and run. However, whether or not it is your fault, claims can result in loss of no claims discount, so check before you claim. Comprehensive cover also covers your legal liability to third parties (including damage to their vehicle or compensation for injuries sustained, if the accident was your fault). The cover extends to fire damage to your car, or damage arising out of the theft or attempted theft of your car. Comprehensive coverage protects your car against damage following a collision, damage that was not a result of a collision, as well as from theft. A Comprehensive policy does not cover you to drive any other vehicle than the one insured. It also does not cover you for rental, and personal property cover.

Do you provide cover for couriers?
Unfortunately, GoSkippy does not currently offer cover for couriers.
Do you cover LPG converted vehicles?

It is dependent on which insurer you are insured with, if you contact our sales team we can look at the options available to you.

What is provisional insurance?
This is short–term insurance cover for learner drivers until such time that they pass their drivers licence.
Do you provide cover for driving lessons?
Use for tuition is excluded from our policies. This applies to professional driving instructors.
I am getting a new car, but I don’t have the registration number yet, what should I do?
For the purposes of a quote, you will not require a registration number – however to purchase a policy, the registration number will be required.
What is the minimum and maximum ages of drivers you will insure?
Policyholders and additional drivers must be aged between 17 and 75.
How do I cancel my policy?
You have the right to cancel your relationship with us as well as the legal expenses, breakdown cover, windscreen and personal accident cover without giving any reason, within 14 days of receiving the policy documents or the start date of the policy, whichever is later.
What are my cancellation rights?
As a consumer, you have the right to cancel you policy with us.
Would GoSkippy provide cover for an imported car?
We will only provide cover for vehicles officially imported into the UK that are coded by the Association of British Insurers.
Am I covered to drive abroad?
You will only be insured within the territorial limits outlined in your policy.
Will you cover me if my car is registered abroad?
We will only insure vehicles registered in the United Kingdom.
Do you accept foreign licences?
It is your responsibility to ensure that you hold the correct entitlement to drive the insured car, if in doubt, please check with the DVLA and/or equivalent organisation from the country of origin. We do not accept international or any other type of foreign licences.
I am going to Europe on holiday. Do I have to inform you, and do I need a green card? Also, do I need to pay for cover abroad?
You no longer need a Green Card to travel in member states of the EU as listed in the EU Motor Insurance Directive. However, there will be no cover for countries outside the territorial limits of your policy with GoSkippy. Please contact us if you plan on travelling.
Will I be covered for business use whilst in Europe?
No, you will only be covered if you are travelling in your private capacity.
What does Free European Use include?
This insurance provides the cover shown in your motor policy schedule in any country in the territorial limits, subject to your usual place of residence being in United Kingdom.
Information for policyholders employed in the armed forces
Service men and women personal vehicles will still be covered while on active duty abroad, provided the vehicle remains in the UK.
What are the territorial limits of the policy?
The territorial limits of your policy includes regions within the UK and what the procedure is when travelling to Europe.